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I have a job opportunity. It's for birth to three and simil…

I have a job opportunity. It's for birth to three and similar to what I was doing before I chose to be a sahm. I'm hesitant to except the job ( I applied to it at the beginning of March, shortly before stay at home orders) .... anyways my husband thinks I should take this opportunity to continue of my career journey.
I don't want to because...
1) kiddo is starting kindergarten next year and we still don't know what the fall schedule will be like
2) I would have to go to clients homes to implement their care plans. My husband and daughter are both immunocompromised and the risk of being exposed to covid-19 scares me
3) If I do return to work I would have to rely on grandparents for child care (I'm not sending kiddo to already overwhelmed daycares) which I don't believe in doing

....so wwyd 🤔🤔


— I personally would hold off for now if it’s not urgently necessary for income. Too many unknowns about how things are progressing and the stakes are potentially high in your situation with immune compromised and grandparents at risk. There should be other opportunities when the time is right.

— Is your husband working? What does he do? Does it heighten his risk for getting C-19?

What do the potential employers do for a living? Would the risk of them going to work be a normal risk of you getting C-19, or one that would heighten your risk?

What would the hours, pay, and pros/cons of the position be?

Would they allow you to bring your daughter with you if needed so long as it didn't interfere with your responsibility in caring for their children?

All of these questions are ones I would ask myself. Depending on the answers I would have more and then be able to come to a conclusion.

I personally have taken a year off from my very lucrative position. We now are down to 1/4 of our normal monthly income, but the safety of my children comes first. However, my job puts us at a heightened risk of contracting the C-19. And we also have an immunocompromised child with both being high risk due to existing conditions.

DH is an essential utilities worker but not at heightened risk of contracting so still working.

So, I think if you really are in a position where the opportunity outweighs the risks to give it a chance but if the risks outweigh the benefit, I'd pass.

I would need to have more details before giving more of an opinion, but I hope this helps get the wheels turning.

— Definitely good questions. My husband works in analytical human resources for a major insurance company. He's not an essential worker but his job is secure and will be working from home through the fall. My potential employer is an early intervention program where I would be servicing children in their home or school environments. I can't bring my kiddo with me and when she's home we would need childcare for if my husband has a meeting or when he goes back into the office. I honestly would love to go back to work and planned to but right now it isn't worth it. My husband has lupus and my daughter has severe asthma so if they catch covid-19 they have the greater risk of having complications...I'm just going to pass on the offer and then tell my husband to get it. 😂

— @massgirl With all of that information then I would definitely write a formal letter to the potential employer explaining that you are very grateful for the opportunity but due to the current circumstances and the high risk nature for your family that you hope they will understand why you are unable to accept the position at this time but that you hope once the risk has passed that they will once again extend their hand of welcome and give you the privilege of working for and with them in the future. No paycheck can replace your husband or children. For me personally that is why I am home until next year at minimum. Been with my company 12 years but my family is more important. Hugs mama. You're making the right choice. Oh, and I didn't understand the last sentence and what you were trying to say.

— I would personally pass. Not knowing how school will start in the fall and your family being immunocompromised is a no for me. Honestly, my boy's will probably both be doing cyber in the fall. The principal told me he expects to be overwhelmed with parents wanting to cyber now.

— Thank you. I'm trying to get my husband to understand all of this. We're not in need of the extra paycheck anyway so the risk doesn't seem worth it.

Personally I think the kids should go through the summer but I know that is just not logistic

— @massgirl, If you don't need the money then I would pass for now. There will be other opportunities later on. It's extremely scary especially with it being so new and what it can do to children now. 😣