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Tips on getting toddler to sleep in her own room? So Kiara …

Tips on getting toddler to sleep in her own room? So Kiara is 22 months now and she’s always been in our room because we only had a 1 bedroom house. We’ve moved now due to me expecting again and we knew it was time for her to have her own space anyway. I kept her in our room when we moved in this house as she was unsettled. We’ve been here for almost 2 weeks and she’s definitely more relaxed. I’ve brought her cot into her room and I’m going to sleep in here with her tonight just to see how it goes but I’m not sure if I should sleep beside her for a few days or not. Any tips? Thank you.


— How did your first night go? Xx

— I agree with the ladies above. It will be hard for a few nights. Play in her room during the day. Also do your usual bath time and bed routine and take her to bed with a book. If she gets up or cries just take her back and reassure her then leave again. X

— Yeah I wouldn't sleep with her. Get her used to the idea of being in her "big girl room" and play in there and when it comes to bedtime I would take it easy but make sure she knows she's sleeping in her big girl room. And do your nightly routine with a nice calming story before bed maybe even 2 story's then just come out and shut the door. If she gets up and cry its perfectly fine i would leave her for 5 minutes then go in and lay her down and tell her its bedtime and leave for another 5 and do the same thing.

— Yeah I wouldnt sleep in there she won't understand why you won't every night, tomorrow play in her room put toys in and stuff and just really big it up that she's got a big girl room now

— I wouldn't sleep with her not even as its her first night, I would start it as a fresh and leave her alone.
If she does wake, ide keep going in and reassuring her but then leave. Xx

— Personally I wouldn’t sleep in the same room I’d just get straight to her in her own room, whenever she cries go in lay her back down and go out, keep doing it until she’s asleep for the night, it will take atleast three nights for her to get used to it and it will get easier every night onwards xx