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Help me decide. We're shopping for a new car. I'm in betwe…

Help me decide.

We're shopping for a new car. I'm in between the Pilot and the Highlander (leaning strongly towards highlander)...I knew I wanted captain seats. Makes it easier to use the third row. But now I'm thinking I might want to be able to seat 8.... Idk 🤔 right now I drive a small SUV. I borrowed my in laws sienna that had a jump seat and I loved that feature but I just don't know if I want the Capt or the 8 seats??? Does anyone have a bench seat? Is it a pain in the ass to reach the third row. I have one kiddo now. We're currently ttc and my daughter is always having friends or cousins in the car (so much I just keep 2 car seats in my car now) so seating 8 people would be an advantage but I won't do it if it's a pain.


— I will never get another vehicle that isn't captain in the middle. So much easier

— I have a Ford Flex, I have a bench in the middle. Was only a pain w the bench when the two littles in car seats. Then couldn’t flip the front bench over for the back row. Now that they are in high back boosters and easy to move not so bad

— We have 2 suburbans and one has a bench seat. We prefer the captain seats with our 2 car seats so the bigger kids can easily get in and out. Before we added the 2 youngest to the fam we didn’t mind the bench seat. The bigger kids weren’t in car seats so it was open seating. Our bench seat burban is great for our oldest and his friends. I’m sure my girls will enjoy it as well. Just depends on your family needs. Try to think long term.

— I have the pilot right now and I really love it. I will say whatever u get def get captain seats. We don’t have them and getting into the 3rd row is a pain in the ass. My next pilot I’m def getting captain seats

— @ss3mom see I haven't test driven one yet and didn't want to waste time considering the current circumstances so I wanted to test drive a specific trim. I was thinking the seat folded into the floor or something but what you just told me seems chaotic

— @massgirl, the seats do fold down but with car seats that’s not possible for me.

— @ss3mom gotcha. I didn't even think of that and I have at least five years of car seats left

— Highlander! They’re solid vehicles. Have you driven one though? They feel really big, at least to me. I drive a Toyota RAV4, so maybe that’s why it felt so giant to me.

— I haven't driven one yet. I drive a rogue right now (basically same size as the RAV4) so I know I'll have to get used to it but we need something bigger.

— I have a pilot and hate it gas guzzler

— Yeah we're going for a hybrid for that reason and I don't drive very far. An hour at the MOST unless it's a family vacation

— Highlander, Toyota’s are made to last!

— Highlander for sure

— I recently bought a Highlander and I love it! I tried out the Pilot but didn’t like it as much. I’ve always been a Toyota person. I have the bench seat and we don’t use the third row since we only have 2 kids. A few times when we had to use the third row my daughter had to climb in from the trunk. Not a huge deal once in a while but if you’re going to use it regularly then the captain seats would be better. I figure by time I actually need the third row to drive her friends then she won’t be in a car seat anymore and we can just fold the seat down.

— Thanks for the feedback! I think I'm going to stick with the plan and get the captain seats since we will be using the third row so much. What year did you get @2sweetie if you don't mind me asking? Is the trunk space nice in them compared to the pilot?

— @massgirl, I don’t mind! I got a 2016 but it only had 28,000 miles on it and was practically brand new. We looked at several of them and the only way to get within our price range was to get one a few years old. It doesn’t have all the features of a new one but definitely better than what I was driving before which was a 2003 Toyota Corolla 😱 The trunk is plenty big for me, but I can’t remember exactly how it compares to the Pilot.

— Honestly I love my Santa Fe but if I could have any vehicle, it would absolutely be a highlander.

— We were also between the Pilot and the Highlander before we had our second daughter. We test drove both and were so much more comfortable in the Highlander with the captains seats. We’ve had our Highlander for 3 years now and love it. It’s a 2017, but we’re thinking about upgrading it to the 2020 😬.

— I can't wait to test drive them! We're leaning towards the 2019 BUT I think I may persuade my husband to get me the 2020 because it has better technology in it.

— Highlander is probably your best bet

If you’re really
Into the captain seats look into the GMC Acadia slt 2, has captain seats but I think only
Seats 6

If you
Like bigger trucks maybe a Chevy suburban

— We're definitely getting the Highlander or the pilot. The Acadia is too small for us and I don't think I could drive a suburban lol

— @massgirl, they are pretty long lol.

— I have a rental cause mines is in the shop, I ended up getting the 2019 Honda Odyssey and am in love, it has the middle seat in the second row if that’s what call the bucket seat and I love it, I closed it down for the kids to step over it, the only downfall they step on the seat back itself but not a big deal, I need back my van cause am falling in love too much with this rental lol 😩 just for the extra seat I would get that van😂

— I love the odessy and I REALLY love the Chrysler mini van. I saw it at a fair once lol but my husband refuses to be a mini van guy plus driving those in the snow makes me nervous