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So Kiara has a high temperature 36.4 I know this is in norm…

So Kiara has a high temperature 36.4 I know this is in normal range but not for her as her temperature has always been 35 since she was born so it’s higher than normal. She doesn’t have any other symptoms Just hot too touch. She’s got diarrhoea but I expected this as she’s been struggling with the toilet the past few days. She’s complete normal in herself a bit more sooky and wanting hugs but she’s playing and blabbing away. She’s fell asleep on her own which worries me cause she never falls asleep on her own but I’m guessing she’s just feeling a bit crappy and needs sleep? I’m going to keep an eye on her as I know if I call the doctor they will say to give her calpol which I did at 8am so I will keep on top of it and hopefully she’ll be ok in the next few days.


— That temperature normal hun. I world not worried.

— Plenty of fluids and if she keeps having loose nappies then maybe some Dioralyte incase she gets dehydrated xx

— Thank you hun, I tried her with water & juice this morning she literally took a sip but I just keep offering her xx

— @shannonmiguel, lots of ice poles if she’s not drinking much xx

— Yeah definitely still not a temperature even if it has gone up to 36. Dont rush for the calpol too much if shes fine in herself sounds like a small bug xx

— Thank you I’m just worried as she’s very hot to touch she’s literally on fire, she’s only in a vest and no heating is on xx

— @shannonmiguel are you sure your temp is right as if she is really hot to touch. Put your lips on her forehead and see how hot she is. As if it kind of burns your lips she has a temp if it just feels warm she will be alright without calpol the now

— Id say even if her temp normally is 35 that 36?5 is still not a temp. A high temp that requieres calpol is normal above 38.5-39 people just tend to give it way before. Your immune system is fighting a disease hence why we get hot as its working extra hard.if you stop the temp before the body get a chance to fight the disease it just takes longer to recover etc. If shes okay just let her rest and give her plenty of water x