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For those who have toddlers(1-2years old) and newborns...ho…

For those who have toddlers(1-2years old) and newborns...how did you leave your little one while you were in labor? I worry myself sick almost everyday thinking about it. She's use to only me and her dad. She don't care for anyone else at all!!!! And now with this virus my husband can't leave the hospital and come back so idk. 😬😒😑🥺😦😩


— Can someone come to your house? That way she can still be in her bed and have all her familiar stuff. Since you still have several weeks, start having a caregiver make visits now so she can get used to being with someone else.

— I don't have much longer lol. And my mom is watching her. I said I'm just worried about leaving her. I'm super attached to her.

— @lareina_kk, well you have 6-7 weeks right? Or are you delivering early? She will be just fine. She’s very young and won’t retain any memory of a couple nights away from you. Don’t worry!

— @2sweetie about 4 to 5 weeks. I never go past 38 weeks. I'm curious though. And I know she will be fine. I will be too after I order these cameras 😂😂😉

— So it’s way different with the virus.... but.. I brought my son to the hospital with me and my SO (my oldest was 1 when I gave birth to my youngest) and my grandma came to the hospital and kept him there with me up until my other son was born so he could meet him and then she brought him home with her at night. She kept him with her for a week so I didn’t have to take care of a 1 year old and newborn at the same time for a week.

— Oh okay. I'm just supper attached to her. I'm sure my mom will do a good job. My nerves are just bad too. I need to know whats going on at all times. 😔

— My mom watched her n brought her to visit me the day after I had my son Nd then I left the day after tht and she was back with me so it wasn’t that bad

— Yea I'm sure the time will fly by. My 4 year old is with my mom now and I'm resisting the urge to keep calling and checking on him

— Honestly it was just me so I had to take my daughter with me both times I don’t have family or anyone to help so she basically ran all over the room while I had to sit there with a newborn 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

— We gotta do what we can. 💪🏾

— My daughter was in daycare but after my son came she stayed the whole 3 days with me 😌

— Wow 👏 you are amazing as well. I don't want her there but I don't want her at home either 😕 grandma will have to pull through.

— I was in the same boat myb daughter never had a sleep over before. What we did was telling her every night remember when mama has the baby. Your going to granny’s. I also hAd my mom call and FaceTime her and my mom remind her and tell her all they have planed . We also got her a suite case and we let her pick out whatever clothes and toys she wanted

Than FaceTime also

— I need to start leaving her with my mom more. So she can get use to her. My mom says she does fine without me. Idk.

— @lareina_kk, yeah I would also let my mom baby sit and she said the same . I also packed food from home I know she would like to make her feel comfortable her blanket her pillow stuff like that

— My sister in law watched my daughter when we went to the hospital. My inlaws &’ my mom stayed home with our daughter the first night. She slept with my mom as we watched on our baby camera making sure she was fine.

The second day, my SO picked her up so she could meet her little sister. She went back home with him &’ i stayed at the hospital by myself. We did not want to just bring home a baby so we had tried our best to comfort our oldest as well. Lots of back and forth with my SO. We also gave our oldest a gift which was a “ baby “.

— @lareina_kk, Hhahaha we do!😂 We have multiple security cameras indoor and outdoor + baby monitors. LOL! We work opposite shifts. This helps ease our minds when it comes to safety + also we can see what the family is doing if one of us is at work. We check it everyday, and my SO checks up on us as we sleep make sure we are safe 💗

— @rndmshtt I am on it! We only have a doorbell camera. Time to upgrade 😎

— @lareina_kk, My friend has that camera too she loves it! Goodluck girl! Hope you figure out a solution for a plan that fits best with your family!

— Lots of texting calling and FaceTime 😩 I was texting my in-laws and calling them every 5 minutes minus pushing and right after I had my youngest I called her right back lol
It’s very hard but you got this!! My oldest only had me and his dad having my youngest was the first time away from us but there stronger than we realize and he did just fine I was the mess 😂😩

— 😂😂 you sound like me. Thank you 😊 I hope I got this!!!

— @lareina_kk, you do!! It will go by fast! Just lots of FaceTime