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Has anyone crate trained their dog and then after stop crat…

Has anyone crate trained their dog and then after stop crate training them?


— My dog is crate trained. He can hold his pee for like 12 hours lol. We use it at night. During the day he's outside or in my room with me.

He has blankets in his crate he sleeps in his kennel. I also don't give him water at night or he'd pee constantly

— We followed Brandon from Lucky Dog and his crate training method it worked really well. Our dog loves her crate at night. It is roomy, she sleeps well, and she doesn't chew on things that could kill her. She is creative, she ate a hole in my plaster wall once.

— Oh snap.

— @what.the.hewl https://canineminded.com/housebreaking-dog-step-step-process/

— @what.the.hewl there is the link. It works like an absolute charm and is worth the time. We trained our chocolate lab pup this way and my MILs chihuahua/pug mix who was a nightmare because she was a puppy mill rescue at 3-4 years old and has previously just walked around a run going wherever she felt like it.

— Yes.

— Please explain your schedule please

— @what.the.hewl, Out to bathroom when they wake up for 10-15 minutes. In to eat/drink/play for 15-20 minutes. Back outside. Keep repeating all day. I try to cut feedings out around 8-8:30 at night. Last potty time is between 10:30-11 then cage. Our elder dog was trained in 5-6 days. The puppy is fully trained now. He'll even run out to pee by himself and run back in and whine when he has to poop.

— my dogs like currently half crate trained lol
i don't leave him out when he's home alone tho but some nights he stays out he's almost 3

— I want him to not pee at night. He hasn't but some days he wakes up at 5:30am to pee.

— So i was thinking to put him in a crate because if we leave him on Jay's bed he'll climb off to look for a spot.

— @what.the.hewl is he already crate trained