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This house is for sale across the street and my fiancé want…

This house is for sale across the street and my fiancé wants to move there. But I don’t wanna move across the street lol


— Omg that house girl 😍

— Across the street it’s for sale . Wanna be neighbors 🤣

— And such an easy move lol. You can just walk your clothes right in the closet

— 🤣🤣🤣

— But it’s sexy

— it’s a nice house

— 😂😂😂 this would be nick 😩
Like why across the street what’s the difference between the houses?? Lol

— Only has one more bedroom

— @minionmommy3, lol men 😆
Atleast it would be an easy move and no need for a moving truck 😂😂

— @madmummy., lol yes but he knows the house I want 😆

— Tell him it’s too small 😆

— Lmao I’m sure he’d love to hear that

— Do it. It would be an easy move 🤣

— 🤣🤣🤣

— Daaaaaaamn

— Lol!

— That’s what our houses look like too I’m like Na 😂👎

— It’s nice just if I’m moving I dnt want it across the street lol. There’s nicer ones around the block lol

— @minionmommy3, right no point in that lol

— @kush_queen420, not at all lol

— wtf r u rich!

— @xjustgottamakeitx, lmao omg that made me laugh I never heard that 🤣😆

— @minionmommy3 lol im not skinny lol

— @xjustgottamakeitx, don’t worry I’m not either lol

— I would so move there!

— Haha come on I need a new neighbor

— @minionmommy3, Girl don't tempt me! My husband wants to move somewhere warm all year round

— @scream.queen, I’ll keep it on hold for you lol

— That house is so pretty I want it

— Lol it’s nice but it’s directly across from mine now