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**PERSONAL RANT** How were you proposed to? I know everybo…

How were you proposed to? I know everybody’s story is different. I know it’s not a Cinderella story they put it out to be. My boyfriend recently told me to pick out a ring since he’s been wanting to get me a different ring and it’s finally here! But now all I can hear is “did he propose? He needs to do it the right way” we’ll look , we’re quarantined and there’s not much he can do. We’re pretty much not good at planning or surprises and i must say I love my ring!


— Last year on my bday at tgif they came out with cheese cake my all time favourite and i went to eat it and i found the ring and he said did you find it told him yeah and he said he needs to get a better one but ince we move we will get me the right one and i still wear it to me a promise ring i love it

— @monavidaaxo, my SO proposed by taking me to my favorite swimming spot in the summer and while I was swimming and floating around he asked and then put the ring on my finger lol it wasn’t the whole “down on one knee and give me a tear jerking speech” kind of proposal but I loved it. That was about 4 years ago tho. We’ve had some rough patches since then and when he bought me a new ring, a few months ago, everyone wanted to know how he proposed this time and I’m just like... he already did that, was he supposed to do it again? 😂😂😂

— Oh my goodness 😂 people seriously 🤦🏻‍♀️ I love that! I honestly need to just roll with “quarantine proposal” lol

— I had NO idea, it was a HUGE surprise. It was Valentine's Day, which USUALLY isn't a big deal to us. He'd been texting me all day, like checkin in, seein what I was doin, when I was gonna be gome and all that...I HAD to be home before sunset. I was like ok ok, I'll be home before dark, GOT IT...GEEZ! Haha! I get home and he's like come out to the barn with me, I was like I KNOW you didn't rush me home to help your ass with somethin in the barn! He just laughed and said hurry up, get your boots, lets GO! We went out, he started the gator and said we were goin for a ride. I REALLY was starting to think he'd FINALLY gotten me a puppy and had it hidden somewhere! I was SO excited! He kept driving til we were in the woods amd he just stopped in a bunch of trees, in what I thought was a random place. I was like uh....what's goin on, you got me a puppy didn't you?? WHERE is he?? Hubs was actin all weird, like awkward and fidgety. I said what's wrong, why you bein so weird babe? He said "You know I love you right" and his voice started gettin all shaky. He finished his little speech and told me this spot on the river is where we first kissed and he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Pulled a ring outta his pocket, got down on one knee in the mud and asked me to marry him. Obviously I said yes! After we had all our hugs, kisses and all that crap, my dumbass REALLY said "Wait...does this mean I did NOT get a puppy"?? Lmao!!

— Hahahaha 😂😂😂 “sir where is the puppy” 😂 such a cute story! I love the way he proposed to you. Such a cute story!

— It’s a beautiful ring! Congrats! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad, all that matters is that it was special to you guys.

— Thank you love! You are right. ❤️

— We decided and picked out the ring together

— Mine asked me in the middle of the night a few days before Christmas. He got down on one knee in his boxers.

— My husband proposed to me one day when I took him to a doctors appy in Boston, we didn’t go. We went to get food and castle island.
He went down on a knee, no ring, and asked if I would marry him, I said ‘ you should know the answer’ 😂 I didn’t think he was serious.
But 4 months later he came home with a ring, I woke up from a nap and he was kneeling beside me with it. ♥️ we got married at the town hall, only had a few family members there

— That is exactly what I want to do, just something small! Awww your story ❤️ I’m a sucker for these amazing stories everyone’s telling me. Just makes me feel better about not having/affording a huge wedding or proposal story.

— My husband never proposed. He just said we will get married one day. I told him I didn’t care for a wedding. So last year we married in a rush cause he went back to the Army.

— @monavidaaxo, thank you for your support ❤️

— @monavidaaxo, really rose gold fades? I have a couple necklaces that have rose gold and it hasn’t faded it.

— @garay88, they say it tends to chip or fade over time of it being worn the rose gold will become darker looking and less shiny but I’m hoping to keep up in the maintenance of it because I have warranty!

— My husband proposed to me on an inflatable truck my son got the day before for his 2nd bday that I was laying on watching a movie haha in our livingroom nothing fancy and we were in pjs but it's out story

— I love it, hey I love the simplicity of your story ❤️

— @monavidaaxo thank you I do too now but when it happened I was like really this is how hes doing this haha

— Your ring is beautiful by the way!!

— Thank you! It looks weird on my sausage fingers 😂

— @monavidaaxo, I doubt it I’m sure it looks perfect 😍

— my husband kept asking and I kept saying no one day he asked and I finally said yes (we were on lunch at work) and we drove right than and there and got the marriage license and we were married like 4 days after 5 years later here we are😂😂

— I was the same way , he would always ask me to marry him and I would just brush it off because I’ve always had a tough time believing people. I love that idea he did lol💡 that’s my kind of marriage lol something I want to do.

— @monavidaaxo, yes he asked me I think 4 maybe 5 times lol
after my ex I didn’t wanna get married or even the thought of it but he wore me down😂😂

— So he got you a ring but not officially asked?
Your ring is beautiful.

— Yes, not yet! When my mom got proposed to at Disneyland my bf got me a ring from a store there. (As a promise ring) I’ve had that ring for 3 1/2 years now and a couple weeks ago he told me he was scared with the whole pandemic thing and wanted to make sure I knew he loved me and he wanted to still marry me so he told me to pick a ring and I did and he bought it for me 😭 He told me he was going to find a way to propose to me. Thank you i love it! It’s going to take some time getting used to though.

— @monavidaaxo, awe, he wants it to be perfect.
Yes, do not smash your hands lol. I tend to do that and freak😂

— @icebergahead, I am walking around with my hands up , I tend to use my hands to talk 😂 I already banged my hand and freaked.

— A day before our 1 year anniversary. We went to a Beach out of state for the weekend to celebrate and he proposed to me at the seafood restaurant right at sun set lol. I thought it was funny romantic and he had the waitress record it. He dropped the ring box on the floor when she went to hand it to him and I knew something was up at that point.
It was a shocker🤣
I was just expecting a weekend getaway and I came back home as a fiancé.

Nothing like a Cinderella story.
When he went down on one knee and asked, my dumb ass said “of course”. Bahaha no tears, just giggling.

My dream proposal would have been at disney! With Vader involved lmao

— Oh my goodness 😂 poor thing was nervous! I love this! Thanks for sharing! My mom got proposed to at Disneyland with all of us there! So cute and romantic since they are huge Disney fans!

— @monavidaaxo, he is a clumsy person by nature but it made us laugh🤣

Oh wow that is neat💕

— In front of the huge Christmas tree in downtown Chicago on a weekend getaway. I thought we were just spending the weekend alone, doing some fine dining, and seeing a comedy show. It was something we had discussed and both said we wanted, but when it happened it was a wonderful surprise!

— Sounds like a lifetime movie. So cute! 🙏🏼

— Well i ruined his plans to propose to me cause i snooped thru this phone when i seen he was talking to his ex. Then i found out he was telling her how he was guna propose to me on our one year up in minnesota...i had to tell him cuz i felt so bad....then a few months later we were playin video games and jus decided we were guna get married.

— 😂😂 such a weird way to find out huh! I know that must’ve been a shock!