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Thank you everyone for all your lovely messages Aaliyah doi…

Thank you everyone for all your lovely messages Aaliyah doing so much better her temperature went from 35- 42 yesterday never been so scare in my life. She was just lying her not moving. Can not thank the ambulance getting here within 4 min. They was amazing Aaliyah doing so much better. she got infection Ear or uti again. She on strong antibiotic. & paracetamol and ibuprofen throughout the day/night.
She never catches a break but she one very strong girl and so bless to be her mommy my rainbow 🌈 princess But she got that beautiful smile back on her face nothing knock her down for long she come back fighting.


— I am so glad that she’s alright 🌸

— So glad she’s better!! Little fighter u have there💖 x

— Thank you babe

— Awwwwww, I'm so glad she's better now 🙏🤗

— Thanks hun

— So so pleased she is ok. What a little fighter. Kids are so brave and strong. Xx

— Thank you honey mean a lot xx

— Aww bless you. I cant imagine the stress during this time especially. So glad shes better xx

— Thank you. We been in 7 days but. I don’t intend to take any of my kids out. I’m too scare

— Hope your okay ? X

— @ashvic1uk yeah we good thanks hun.
Stay at home and safe. Xx

— Aww I’m glad she’s feeling better x

— Thanks you so much

— Aweh love her! She don’t have it easy does she!! Hope she has a super speedy recovery!! Beautiful girl!!😍😍

— Thank you so much my darling. She really don’t my rainbow princess she got very low System low iron so that don’t help she pick up stuff very fast. Bless her. But she always come bk fighting. How are you doing

— @ashvic1uk, Aweh glad she’s smiling!! And not to bad thanks beaut! Xx

— Aww bless her hope she's on the mend now xx

— Aww great news! 👌 Lovely picture 😍😊 xx

— Thanks you so much XX 💋

— Thank god. Your last post made me ao worried. Was thinking of you both loads yesterday. Sending lots of well wishes xxx

— Thank you so much I not stop ✋ crying all yesterday I been checking on her every hour Throughout the night. My anxiety so bad. With her being so ill yesterday. I hope your doing okay but nothing make me feel better than that smile on her face