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So if you stepped on a thumb tac that was in your kids wall…

So if you stepped on a thumb tac that was in your kids wall which was knocked down. Would you go get a tetanus? I had one but it was 15 years ago. I’ve been told if it bleeds then tetanus can’t live since it means oxygen hit. I also read tetanus occurs on farms typically with manure.


— lol no I step on shit like they all the time

— You probably should get a TDaP booster if it’s been 15 years since you’ve had it. Boosters should happen every 10 years or so.

— I was reading its actually every 30 years studies show.

— @lum0s, what studies? Aafp, cdc, Harvard, immunize, etc all still say 10.

— They didn’t give you a tdap shot when you were pregnant?

— Or is that a different tetanus lol I’m not a doctor 🤣🤣

— @jellybeans33, no your right! If you got the vaccine while pregnant it has the tdap in it

— No I haven’t gotten any since. I wouldn’t do them while pregnant.

— I wouldn’t think so that’s for rusty things a thumb tack will just hurt your pride more than anything lol

— You don’t HAVE to, but it’s good to keep it up to date so you could since you’re out of date anyway

— I agree. U don’t have to but I probably would just to be safe