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My parents are too blunt First my parents keep asking if …

My parents are too blunt

First my parents keep asking if I’m still on my diet and not to eat fattening food

Then my mom tells me i need laser hair removal on my face .

This is why i have my self esteem is down to .000001


— My mom gave me a piece of rum cake my aunt made at Christmas (she knew I was dieting) and said "you always need to treat yourself"....then LITERALLY 3 bites into this fantastic cake she looks me in the eye and says "remember...portion control..." I thought my husband's eyes were going to pop out of his head

— OMG ! I’d eat the entire thing in one bite then ! Right in front of her

— @itsamemario I did. I ate the entire piece. It was only slightly bigger than a regular piece of cake to begin with 🙄 My mom is insane

— @two.tiny.texans, good for you girl !

— You’re gorgeous! Family can be assholes! Just a couple weeks ago my cousins wife told my husband “hopefully the kids get your metabolism” oh thanks god forbid they get mine 🤦🏻‍♀️

— Tf ? Fk them

— Pft girl you're🔥🔥🔥 parents can be dicks sometimes. Id just be like "yeah im on a see food diet. When i see it, i eat it.🖕🖕" then eat a big ol chocolate bar infront of them 😂

— Hahaha just stick it in everyone’s face

— That’s so messed up. You’re beautiful girl don’t let their opinions get to you, my grandma is like this with me so I know how you feel. I say just ignore them whenever they have something to say and just walk away

— I know , ugh it’s just so hard .

— Omg wth

— @amazinglimama, i agree girl !!!! I totally get it

— @itsamemario, just know I think you look beautiful! Ignore them

— @amazinglimama, thanks love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

— 😞 damn

— @earthymama, it’s just annoying lol like I’m like this bc of ur genes lmao wtf

— @itsamemario, you’re beautiful don’t let them make you think otherwise! Ignore them. Next time if anything answer just like that and say I’m a product of you guys!

— @earthymama, oh i will !!! Thanks girl

— You just had a baby! My word

— Apparently I’m supposed to be like everyone else and be skinny by now .