Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам



— Ugh... yeah it's not THAT bad. But it is gross.

— I have had the orange one or the red one I always get stuck with the lemon lime and it taste like flat sprite

— I like the fruit punch one taste like concentrated Hawaiian Punch to me lol

— I had the punch one, it wasnt that bad lol probably cause I was thirsty as hell

— I feel sick tho 😭

— I had the orange it’s not terrible just holy sugar

— Yes like a super sweet punch

— Is that the 1hr one?

— @mamaxkat89, the 3hr one is sweeter.

— @sorrynotsorry eww I hope I pass this one. I'm already not a fan of super sweet drinks

— @mamaxkat89, good luck!

— Tastes like flat orange pop lol

— Yeah like some cheap ass orange punch