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Morning ladies , apparently there’s two people in Florida w…

Morning ladies , apparently there’s two people in Florida with corona .


— My friend works at a hospital in north florida and said there were 2 confirmed cases last night, but since it's not the strand that's killing people they arent reporting on it. I guess theres multiple strands like the flu only one is serious and theres probably tons of people walking around with the not serious strand that we dont even know about.

— Yes i just saw it on the news and it said the ones who suffer are the older people who have underlying health issues


heres a link, shows confirmed cases. Not sure how accurate it is, but it’ll show if your state had any, where it is and how many
89197 confirmed
45175 recovered
3048 have died.

— It doesn’t let me open it . But thank u

— @itsamemario, Oh it doesnt work on the app 😐 lol if you copy and past youll see it if you open it on your browser.

— I just don’t watch the news lol

— I don’t either my husband told me 🙄

— Theres someone in the county I live who's at the hospital and swears they have it but no one will test him

— @itsamemario I sure hope so. Theyve alerted my job so atleast they're trying to cover themselves. I just hope it's not "we dont have the tests available:

— @jessicalaneee, I think the cdc has a super strict criteria for testing right now. She may miss the mark somehow but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it. I’m sure once the restrictions on testing are looser we will all be shocked how many have it

— @ltee I figured it could be something like that too. It's kind of scary that there could be tons of unconfirmed cases walking around.

— I'm just never gonna get outta bed again. 😳

— Sounds like a plan honestly

— When I took my husband to the doctor on Thursday, there were news crews by the University Medical Center . Turns out the first case of corona virus thats considered community spread(the person didn’t travel to China or encounter anyone who traveled) was at the hospital and the CDC has taken over. It’s crazy

— That’s nuts



— @_slimm.shady_, 😫