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This documentary is destroying me . But i can’t stop watchi…

This documentary is destroying me . But i can’t stop watching it either



— Yes. I still can't believe they let him go home I would have kept him I would gladly take kidnapping charges to keep him safe.

— That teacher tho when she spoke wow ! His teacher was so concerned and all these bosses kept telling them to keep out of it

— @itsamemario yes it suck she did what she what she could. I still can't believe they told them to stay put of it. For that one lady said to stay out of it and they weren't going to pay her overtime and to go home why couldn't she go back the next day and just do it then??

— @mom2les, that was insane ! Wtf??????? He was in danger r u kiddingme

— Girl I cry so much and was so pissed off I couldn't sleep after watching it and the was the only tome I watched it was at night so my kids did not see or hear it. I just had to hug and kiss my kids because I wanted to make sure they know i love them after watching it too.

— I totally understand you girl it was horrible that poor baby was starving they fed him cat litter 😫😢

— @itsamemario every time they showed his picture I just wanted to hug him and give him whatever he wanted.

— @mom2les, me too! I kept wanting to be able to protect him when his evil parents choked him out or shot him with a damn Bb gun! That poor boy remember the cop that saw him after he walked passed him? As if he was asking for help

— That’s why I won’t watch it 🙅🏾‍♀️ I’m already emotional and have bad Postpartum anxiety it will make it worse

— Yeah please don’t watch it then. It’s horrific

— I’m on episode 3😢😢 x

— @itsamemario, I hope they all got what they deserved!!x

— @nikki90xx, they truly deserve to be tortured just like gabriel

— @itsamemario, yes they do!!! Heartbreaking x

— I thought about watching it but idk. I get so emotional 😭 during things like that. How can you do harm to your children? It’s beyond me.

— @itsamemario,
True, I saw the second one last night. How tf he gonna say he didn’t do anything and his hands was clean. WTF, a slip in the tub definitely not gonna do that and she reported but just found out during the second one he said he was running around with his brothers and fell and became on conscious. My kids are non stops fighting, pushing, falling and we have never ever been to an ER for falling. He must really think they are dumb.
I’m feeling so bad for what this child had to experience. I didn’t have the best childhood but it was nothing compared to what this lil boys went thro and I was taking away from my parents 2 times 4-8 then again at 12 till I sighed my self out 10 day’s after I turned 18.

— @boys.tribe, seriously people aren’t stupid !! I’m sorry u went through that , it’s not easy as a child

— @itsamemario,
No, people definitely ain’t that stupid, it’s a shame everyone failed him when he showed so many signs he needed away ASAP.

— I can’t bring myself to watch it . I read about it and woke up my 6 year old to snuggle .

— It’s horrible

— Same here just finished episode 5 gonna start episode 6 soon

— Yeah I’m almost done