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Poor Gabriel. I hate ya for making me watch this. And I say…

Poor Gabriel. I hate ya for making me watch this. And I say ya because my curiosity gets the best of me.


— My heart hurts for him!!! I can’t believe the two people who should’ve protected him, tortured him & killed him!! Poor poor child x

— I hurt for that little boy. My blood was boiling one min and I was on the edge of tears the next. I just don’t get it at all. I couldn’t comprehend why this happened to him and how he wasn’t removed from that home.

— I’m not watching it.

— Don't do it.

— His poor father having to stand trial and face the MF who killed his son...

— @lareina_kk on Netflix

— Ugh I know!!! They would have had to arrested me & held me down because I would have tried EVERYTHING to get my hands on him.

— @raisingbabes, that’s what the DA said. He said that gabes dad is a strong ass individual for sitting in that courtroom and facing that man because there would’ve been no way he could’ve sat there and looked at that man 💀💀💀💀😭😭

— I had to watch the whole thing in one day! I was crying at the part where he made a mothers day card for his piece of shit mom & expressed how much he loved her then 2 weeks later died. I was literally crying! They failed him & I honestly think it was because of race.

— I haven't gotten there

— @_slimm.shady_ @maryfnpoppinsbitch I am so shocked that the fucking sheriff's was there 2 days before he died. Oh my God! This is crazy... Going on episode 2. 😥

— Yea so fuxked up!!!

— Prepare yourself episode 2 shows actual pics of him

— I'm watching it to
I wish I could beat those pieces of shit for doing that to a beautiful child....and I hate all of those people who could have done something but decided to look the other way! all of those poor babies even his siblings should never have been in that home

— Yeah I can only watch one episode at once

— I have to watch all of it because if not I get anxious not knowing