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Best place to get calpol plug in refills, I got 10 today of…

Best place to get calpol plug in refills, I got 10 today of amazon and I've jst put one in and it was dry like it was the one i just took out are they ment to be like this??


— Last time I got them from B&M. I think. were about £5 for five of them. x

— I got some before in asda they was 7pound I think it's robbery but if it helps I'd pay anything 😂 x

— I usually get them from tescos, think it's like 6 quid for 5 of them x

— Thankyou I got some before in asda for 7pound proper robbery haha x

— I get them Morrison’s or Asda

— @casey19 sorry to be a pain can you show me what the packet they came in looks like so I can compare to see if these are genuine or not I don't mean the box I mean the part where the refill is. I've just read reviews on amazon and I'm so stupid the majority say they don't smell and aren't like the original ones 🙈

— @casey19,

— @casey19, @tam96, put pic on wrong bit

— Home bargains xx

— How many do you get there? I've just paid 10 for 10 and I don't think there even the same as the ones from a supermarket absolutely devostated I am! Definitely be going there tomorrow to get some. Thankyou xx