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Easy baby shower game ideas 🤔👣💙👶🏻

Easy baby shower game ideas 🤔👣💙👶🏻


— Who drinks from a bottle faster, feeding eachother baby food blind folded couple that finishes 1st wins.

— Thanks ladies

— My favorite is BINGO.

— we did one at my friends shower where you took toilet paper and every person had to guess how many squares it would take to make it fully around her belly and back to make a circle. whoever got it right or closest won. then there was the “dont say baby” and you collect rings or pacifiers or whatever you’d choose so every time you catch someone saying the word baby, you steal their item and whoever has the most at the end wins.

— get a piece of ribbon and make people guess how big your baby bump is and get them to cut it off then when everyone is done pit one around you and the winner is the closes to the size. another I did is the balloon between the leg race the word one is fun to like no one can say boy or baby or they loose the necklace

— There’s always the classics, the game where people wear necklaces & no one says the word ”baby” or they lose their necklace, buy a baby bottle & fill with skittles and have people guess the amount,, buy a ball of yarn and have people cut the length of yarn that they guess how big your belly is around (I hated that game at my baby shower though lol)