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Why can’t I see the status bar anymore?!

Why can’t I see the status bar anymore?!


— Mine said this today.

— Might be some maintenance or something

— You won't see it after hours and not even on the weekends

— That’s weird cause I was checking it in the middle of the night Friday no issues. I’ve never had issues on weekends previous years.

— I’m not concerned about the mid February I just don’t get where the bar went saying if they’re approved.

— The bar will reappear once they are able to release deposit dates. It’s been like this for the past 2 years for anyone who has the earned income/child credit. In the beginning the status bar shows, it disappears and reappears when a deposit date is available.

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts, I’ve never experienced it before this year and we have had kids for 8 years total lol.

— Same with me , 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Are you in Georgia? Because ours says the same. Today was the day they were supposed to be put through though. Our tax lady said we’d get ours back at the end of February or first week in March. But our state came back this week

— We got the same thing. It's just cause we claimed kids.

— Weird. My SILs bf got his state taxes here in NY. he claimed 3 children. A few people got their state taxes here that ik. Some with kids, some without

— State refund is separate from federal refund. You can receive your state refund now. Federal, which included EIC, will be at a later date.

— @beetlejuice_beetlejuice_beetlejuice ooooh. See, I'm clueless to all that. I've been a stay at home mom for years 😅

— You will on the next update, could be overnight tonight, Wednesday, or next weekend.

— Next update?

— @lum0s, yup wants the path lifts there will be updates and the bars will return.