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Ladies, I need a simple but delicious enchilada recipe?

Ladies, I need a simple but delicious enchilada recipe?


— @garay88, @oggirl.mom, step one? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I got garlic and onion and salt and pepper and some spinach flakes and some bell pepper in there.

— That will work. Looks good!

— I really hope I like these. I’ve never had them but am craving. But we could only get red sauce.

— Let us know how it goes!!

— Ok, post pics 😋

— @oggirl.mom, @garay88, would it be weird if I put rice in them? And would minute rice do? Cause that’s all I have.

— @oggirl.mom, they will be ready at 4pm. I will add a plate for you on the table. Lol

— @garay88, yay!!! You cook so early 😅

— @oggirl.mom, lol, that’s the time the husband gets home.

— Thanks @oggirl.mom, @garay88, I’m going to try making some this week I think. To be honest, I’ve never had them and haven’t had much interest in doing so. But I’ve been craving them for a few days now. Pregnancy is so weird.

— They are pretty good. One of my fav plates but pregnancy definitely makes you have some different cravings.

— The real way to make them are too complicated lol.
We order dried Chiles from Mexico. And make the salsa.

Recently I just started buying the sauce already made. My husband and family has loved this one. They were asking for the recipe lol

— Do you dip the corn tortillas in the sauce or just pour on top?

— @oggirl.mom, dip the tortillas and when I have all the enchiladas on the plate I pour some sauce over them so when I put the shredded cheese on top it melts

— Chicken enchiladas- and it’s even better the next day 😏
Chicken cut into cubes or shredded
I use thighs but you can use whatever you have
Red enchilada sauce
Enchilada seasoning
Salt pepper garlic onion powder
Flour Tortillas
Mexican style shredded cheese

Cook chicken with all the seasoning
Once done add cheese and red enchilada sauce
Let it get melty
Add chicken mixture to tortillas- I do about a spoon full and roll them
Add to greases 13x9
Once all chicken is gone and tortillas are all rolled
Add the extra sauce to the top
Add as much cheese as you want
350 for about 30 minutes or longer
I add sour cream and avocado to the top! My husband likes to add lettuce and tomatoes

— Never heard of enchiladas made with flour tortillas ? Always with corn tortillas

— @garay88, the white people way 😂😂

— @oggirl.mom, oh lol. I will make them one of these days to see how they taste lol