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As anyone had over 3 c-section and if so are you and baby o…

As anyone had over 3 c-section and if so are you and baby ok?

I have had 3 c-section. With my last baby ( year ago) My doctor said if I was to get pregnant again ( which I am 6 weeks now) that it would be live or death for one of us. I do know of one person that had 4 c-section and her and baby ok.


— My mom has four of us and no one died

— I’ve never had c sections but with any surgery there can be life or death complications. It’s major surgery.

— O wow i never had no c section and i have 3 kids but i no for sure if the doctor was to tell me that its either live or die for one if us i would never get pregnant again becuse thats putting yourself and yiur baby in danger and as long as i already have kids its enough and a blessing but i do wish you the best of luck

— Well thing happen sometimes Birth control isn't enough. And that's very lucky of you. I will hope that we would never have to have a C-section and it hurts alot

— @nina... but you will be fine just have faith

— @lizortiz1989 I do... Walk by faith not by sight....while I am walking I will hold on to his hand.

— I just had my 4th in the last 4 years. Have you had any complications with your others?

They said I can go for my 5th in the future if I wanted. I know somebody that has had 6 csections n they're all ok. I know somebody that has had 2 n can't have anymore. It depends on the person I guess

— What a amazing women. I am scared I won't lie... thank you so much..

— I’ve had 3 c sections
Soon I’ll be having my 4th one
I asked if I were to get pregnant could I have a 5th c section and she said yes because I’ve never had any complications with my pregnancies
Only thing is I have huge babies
I have a friend that had 6 c sections and she’s perfectly fine and her kids are nice and healthy

— My best friend just had her 4th and they’re both fine

— Thank you...

— My mother had 4 and she’s fine

— Thank you!!!!