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So been bugging me allday who seen the text i vuess between shaneen and someone else? Whoever the text was between come forward?!

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— Is there even really a text? Maybe it's all fake.

— @scream.queen k waiting for permission from the person that sent it to me.

— @taytayoppzy I wanna see it!! 👀👀

— @scidg3 k just waiting for permission from the person eho sent it ti me

— Who she givin her # to?

— Im not sure who its originally too. But to me it isnt shaneen

— Plot twist, shaneen could have us all fooled 😂

— Lol

— Bish send me ss 👀

— 👀👀👀

— @whtumean @scream.queen @scidg3 look at new post

— Whaat?!

— Look at new post

— Tag me please

— @bodybycheetos @bodybycheetos wont let me its my new post