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Ya’ll I need your opinion/comfort?

So my 2 week old has been slightly constipated and had a small bm yesterday but hasn’t had a bm for the previous 2 days. He had a check up today and i brought it up to his doctor. She said i could give him 0.5 oz of apple juice to help him go to the bathroom. How would ya’ll feel about that? I feel uncomfortable with it....

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— I would try a warm rag on his tummy and bicycle those legs

— Ive been bicycling his legs 😭 I read to “try” wiping his bum as it could possibly stimulate him to go.

— Personally I wouldn’t. Is he formula or BF?

— He is formula fed. Unfortunately I couldn’t BF because of the medications I am on 😔

— @sun.flower, I do know, some newborns can go up too 2 weeks without going. Warm towel on belly, bicycles, and qtip in booty could help. Good luck!

— Def would not. Is he breastfed or formula? You could use a qtip with Vaseline very gently and just the tip.

— @sun.flower, you could totally use petroleum jelly too!

— @sun.flower, Vaseline is petroleum jelly, it’s just the brand

— @sun.flower, like what @lizibear84, said Vaseline is just the brand name. It def works my second had a lot of issues with constipation but she was older.

— If he’s breastfed he can go up to 21 days without a bm. If he’s formula fed, try a warm rag on his belly, a warm bath, a little Vaseline on a rectal thermometer. But unless he’s uncomfortable or in pain, he’s fine. Babies aren’t as regular as us, especially at 2w

— I can’t do a warm bath yet, unfortunately. I’m still waiting for his belly button to completely heal up from the umbilical cord. He still has slight blood and drainage. I get so nervous about the whole rectal thermometer. I don’t know why. I guess I feel like I could be hurting him?

— @sun.flower, I can’t remember how far it goes in, but it’s not much. Just enough to help relax the anus. There’s this thing called happy tummy that’s amazing. You put it in the microwave for 15 seconds and wrap it on their belly. Great for gas and constipation. You can also use a windi if you’re afraid of going in too far

— Google “infant tummy massage”. I had to do this with mine when she was young to get her gas bubbles to pass through like several times a day and it was very effective so I’d imagine it’d help with BMs too

— Also, what formula do you use? That can affect him too.

— I am using Similac Advanced. His doctor said to give it one more week and if he’s still fussy/gassy/not having many Bm’s that she will more then likely change his formula.

— Ladies thank you! I did bicycle legs for 15 minutes and I also massaged his tummy. I’m not sure if maybe I wasn’t doing the bicycle legs long enough or if the tummy massage helped but he had a BM which makes me happy and him not so miserable.

— Yay!

— @tacos4lyfe, I have to keep bicycling/rubbing his belly for him to poop but it’s worth it! I’m hoping he can get un constipated soon.