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Is anyone a photographer( professional or not) ?

I’m doing a mini photoshoot of my kids on Valentine’s Day and I wanted to know which lights do y’all recommend? I’m taking the pictures from my phone since I don’t have a camera yet.

I’ve checked out a couple of lights of amazon but I’m not sure on which one to get

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— Personally, I’d do it in a bright room with some diffusion and a reflector over cheap artificial lighting. If you’re looking to invest and spend some coin, you can’t go wrong with Paul c bluff/alien b.

— Thank you! Artificial lighting such as ring lights?

— @j.concepcion, ring lights are more for headshots and what not. They aren’t really designed to bend light like a continuous lighting set up would be. My dream is to own the 96” plm with an alien b 300 but they come with a pretty hefty price tag especially in Canada. But it casts enough light even in complete blackness and it’s large enough you can stand infront of it to get your shots without casting a shadow on the subjects.

— Open up all the shades in the brightest room.

— I am what are you need recommendations on lights honestly I found mine on fb market

— Which one do you have ?

— @j.concepcion, there studio lights there tall with the giant light bulbs but probably won’t need all that especially if you don’t have a camera

— Portrait mode on your phone is good and snapseed is a good editing app I like if I can’t get to the computer

— Yeah I mostly just use portrait mode.

— They have free Photoshop on your phone too