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Y'all think this app is bad you should go on Peanut and see what those women be posting on there and they can post incognito so you can't see their profile 不不不不 Lordy I'm having fun

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Now you have me curious 不

Yeah let me show you a post from yesterday

Omfg 丹領儭不 Like should she really have to ask that question?

@michellemybell09 I commented that they test you in the clinic when you are pregnant. She would know that she has it

I got kicked off that app for going in on someone who posted incognito lmao

LMFAO these women are too much.

Omfg lmao wtg

Stop! 不不不不

Lol yea sum crazy sht

Ive seen some crazy stuff on there

What happened

They just post some bogus stuff. Like I just read one saying they hired a baby sitter that's young and she's texting the husband and trying to add him on Instagram

@mamaxkat89 lmao