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I signed my oldest sons social security card when he was born, hubby wanted to sign our youngest sons social security card so instead of signing it in cursive he just wrote our sons name🤦 was he supposed to write it in cursive? Mine is in cursive, hubby's is and so is our oldest, that's why I'm asking 🙄

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— Your kids are supposed to sign them when they get older is what I was told.

— Yeah like the above comment said they sign it when they become adults. I don’t have any of my kids social signed.

— Yeah I think when my mom gave me my card, that’s when I signed it. And that was like 18 I think. I didn’t sign my boys

— I don’t think anyone other then whose name is on the card should sign it. I’d def look into it as you May need to replace both now. When they are older their signatures will need to match the card I would think. I don’t think cursive or printing will matter as neither are a signature.

— Just saw online it does say that a child signs their own card until they get a job or turn 18 whichever comes first. It’s not a big deal at the moment but when they are older you can request a new card at the social security office.

— Not supposed to be forged. Legally it doesn’t have to be cursive. Kids are not being taught cursive anymore. You will need to get new ones eventually.

— it’s not supposed to be signed until the child is old enough to sign it.

— You leave it blank until you give it to them when they are older.

— Blank. When they are approaching 18, I’d just report them ruined and get new ones for them to sign. It’s not that difficult or anything - I lost mine in a house fire and it was easy to replace.

— This. Just order new ones when they get older. Unless you need them otherwise.

— It doesn’t even matter because you have to replace them now, it says on the social security information that comes with the card, to leave it blank until they are 18

— You were supposed to leave it blank and they sign at 18. I had to sign mine at 17 from being in a car accident. They needed all my info.

— Neither of y'all were supposed to write anything on them. You'll need to apply for news ones and destroy the ones you wrote on.

— I don’t know if I would get news ones till they’re older and want too. You can only get so many ss cards in your life.

— It’s 3 a year and 10 per lifetime.

— @brownsugarluv, yup

— Your not supposed to sign it

— Your not supposed to sign them at all