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anyone else get a headache every single day while pregnant 😣 i've had one every day and don't wanna keep taking meds every day but right now i have a horrible headache and these every day headache are driving me crazy

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β€” Use a really cold washcloth & place it over your eyes, I hate using medication.

β€” Ask your ob about seeing a chiropractor

β€” Have you checked you bp when you get headaches? With my second I would get excruciating headaches. Sometimes sleep would work and other times it made it worse. It went away eventually in the ending of my second trimester.

β€” i usually check my bp cause awhile back i did have high bp but it's been perfect lately

β€” I do

β€” it's driving me insane and scared to take tylenol every single day

β€” @gothmomx2 girl I do it and drink coffee

β€” I think I remember this 😞 sorry. It’s no bueno

β€” I've suffered from migraines and headaches for almost 20 years now. The things that work best for me that don't involve medication are a lot of water, a cup of coffee or something with caffeine. Also an ice pack on the back of your head/neck. Lately I started taking Magnesium supplements and they have helped a lot. I'm not sure about the Magnesium and being pregnant. My doctor told me to try them after I was getting daily headaches again. The only thing she warned about was taking a high amount and getting diarrhea.

β€” I was it's normal doctor said to take magnesium

β€” Also, one dose of extra strength Tylenol and one Benadryl works wonders. I know you don’t want to take meds. But if nothing else helps. I get migraines pregnant or not pregnant and that works everytime. A big glass of water and sleep.

β€” i'm scared to take tylenol everyday i know it's not good on the liver

β€” I did during my second trimesters each pregnancy. The rising hormones did it. I started going to a chiropractor to get my neck adjusted and it helped immensely.

β€” I did with my daughter and it was awful BC I couldn't take anything