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My ex is back on dope and I just can’t even deal... my heart is so broken man.

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— Change dont happen till rock bottom and he wants to change . Some never change ... my inbox is always open I wont judge . I know what this is like .

— He told me he doesn’t want to stop right now. Said he’ll wake up one day and he’ll just stop but right now he isn’t in the mood. I had him clean for almost three months.

— @loveerii I say keep urself and your children away from him . It's hard but has to happen . Keep your head up . Distance you and your babies from him . Prepare for the worst cause it usually takes their life. Esspecially when they stick up for the dope .

— Oh no. I’m sorry. To bad he can’t stay clean for the sake of his children. I remember before Dawson was born how happy you two looked together.

— @ginabee93, me too. My kids loved him so it sucks.

— @loveerii, love this picture! hope he realizes what’s more important for himself and your family!

— @ginabee93, same girl ... same ...

— There a ex for a reason 💯👌🏼

— Im so sorry, what is he on? (Dope could be many things to me).

— Ice

— @loveerii ugh ya that's no good. Some people call weed dope here and to me that's no worse than drinking.

— @jmedina, same. I smoke as well