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im off my period now trying ttc any tips

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— Trying to conceive

— Sex swing.

— hi hun me an hubby got one online it not gone be here til 28

— @shaneen.g, what if you’re pregnte by then?

— Anal.

— Lmao

— .

— .

— @shaneen.g so does this mean you are not going to shoot me officer Shaneen 🤔

— @mazza8, wht u mean

— @shaneen.g last time you was on here you said you was going to shoot me

— .

— 🤣🤣 done pulled out the sex 📚 books

— @imback I mean she post this question a few times lol

— Ovulation test. The clearblue digital ones

— were can I get dat from walmart?

— @shaneen.g, yea

— Dont try just do it and have fun dont stress out about it

— Remember to stand on your head when you are done

— 🤸🏾‍♀️ like this. This what imma do for baby #3

— What ever you do, don’t have sex in a hotel room

— FUCK....just FUCK.


— Just have sex. Doesn’t matter what position. Doesn’t matter what time Just do it.