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Opinions/help would be awesome!

So we moved into our own home about 2 months ago. It’s a 2 bedroom house with 1 1/2 bath. We pay $600 a month in rent. Only thing that’s included is sewer. We pay for everything else. In my area living is cheap. There’s places that i’ve been seeing for $450-$500 a month which was 3 bedrooms and other things included.

Anyways it’s been a real struggle to pay this rent, on top of bills and putting groceries in the house. The landlord said he’d work with us on the $600 security deposit we owed him ( still haven’t had the money to put towards the deposit yet ). If you were in this situation what would you do? In a way I feel like I should talk to the landlord about the rent situation....I’m just lost and stressed at this point.

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— Ask if you can split the rent payments in half (going by pay periods. So pay first half on the 1st, and second on the 15th.)

— Honestly I don’t see him working with you that much because you have to think that this is their job. In his mind you knew how much it was before y’all moved in. If you leave then he’ll take you to court for unpaid costs and it’ll go on your credit as a break of lease and after that it’ll be really hard to get another place. If it was me I would just have to figure out what I could let go to make thing works or if I could find help within the system. Maybe food stamps will free up some money or extra hours at work.

— Honestly I agree with @prettynnpink, . I hope you get it worked out!

— Be honest with him if you’re not able to pay on time. However, not up to him to lower rent. You could’ve gone with one of those cheaper places instead. Did you sign a lease?

— I’m also with @prettynnpink, With that said, did something change when you guys moved in that is making it harder for rent to be paid? Like a job change or something along those lines?

— Rent is due at the end of the month, the very last day of the month. So we put money back every pay check. When we got out electric turned on it was $260 odd dollars. I could only pay half of it so I still have the other half to pay. I’ve been budgeting with groceries too to save money. We sold one of our cars to save on gas and car insurance. Nothing has changed since we moved in so that’s why I’m not understanding where we are struggling. My husband makes to much to get food stamps. We also tried for liheap but we didnt meet the income guidelines.

— We didn’t sign a lease. The landlord offered one because my husband said about a lease but then we denied the lease because in march my neighbors at my parents will be renting out a house that’s a lot cheaper to us.

— Maybe start looking for a new place you can afford since you have no lease. Give him notice that you will be moving though.

— @bodybycheetos, i would definitely give him notice. I’m hoping that the $150 car insurance will help us! His child support is also suppose to be getting dropped as well, we are just waiting. That’d also be a tremendous help. The car insurance is what hit us the most with paying almost $200 a month.

— When we were looking for a place none of these other places were available. I wish we would have waited a little longer to be honest.

— I wish my rent was 600

— @bodybycheetos, that’s why I get guilt when I complain about my rent because ya’ll ladies pay so so much more! My area is basically a “cheap” housing area.

— @sun.flower don't get guilt. Rent pricing is different everywhere. All you can do is try and figure out how to make it work.

— @bodybycheetos, that’s exactly what i’m doing. Like two weeks ago when we went grocery shopping we shit some really good deals! Meats were buy 1 get 1 free and other things were either 2 for $4 or 3 for $10. So i’m looking around for different deals! It sucks because we only have Aldi’s, walmart and weis. Aldi’s meats aren’t very good at all.

— I not trying to start anything but I’m curious. If he makes too much for you guys to receive assistance, what are y’all doing to the money? My husband pays over $2000 in child support and we pay two cars and we just moved to a house to lower our rent (1250/mo now) and we are short on money monthly but my husband always picks up other jobs here and there so we can have enough.

— @garay88, i tried to apply for liheap which would be help with our electric bill but they denied us saying that he makes $300 over the guideline limit. The weird thing though is that when I applied the lady who helped me do it was very confident that we would have gotten it because she did all the calculations for me and said that we met the guidelines? As of right now for some odd reason the authority isn’t accepting applications because I did call and ask about getting help. I don’t know if it’s because so many people are on the waiting list or what’s exactly going on? As for food stamps when I told my caseworker that I was pregnant she said that it wouldn’t count towards getting help with food until the baby is born. With all this being said, when I applied for all of these things I didn’t include my stepson in the process because we don’t have him full time and I don’t know if his aunt is getting any kind of assistance that she would have included him in. I’m not 100% sure how that works. His aunt is the main “sole” provider for now but we are working on getting 50/50 custody of him and then getting him back full time.

— @sun.flower, wow, that really sucks. But if you don’t have a contract where you’re at if there’s something cheaper you should try to apply && maybe your husband can pick up some little jobs on the side, Uber? Yard work?.. hope your situation gets better I know how stressful it is. But try not to stress not good for the baby. If you believe in Prayer pray, have faith and trust that every thing will work out but also try to look for a more affordable place cause you’re lucky to not be in a lease.

— @garay88, honestly he’s been trying to pick up extra hours at work. He’ll go in on his days off and I just feel horrible about it because he works 3rd shift so it seems like he never gets enough sleep if that makes sense? I have an interview on Tuesday so I am hoping it’s a good step in the right direction! But thank you, I appreciate it! I want to see how the rest of this month works and if it don’t work out, we’ll definitely be looking for something else.

— With one check pay your car insurance, internet, electric, and phone bill. Boom all of that’s taken care of with three checks still left for the month. Make a grocery list of meals for the week and go grocery shopping with the next check and get household supplies. That’s fine with money possibly left over if you shop right. Then there’s two check left to pay rent and save some extra money on the side. Gas can be factored in because that’s not that much at all. And does his child support get automatically taken out of his checks?

— If it worked like that I would pay all the bills in one shot with one pay check but it’s not doable. Like I said all our bills fall on different dates and such. You do have a good point though....I’ll see if it’s manageable to pay atleast 2-3 bills out of one paycheck! His child support does automatically get taken out, yes. I also do grocery shop for a week’s worth of dinners.

— I also wanted to throw in that I have an interview on Tuesday so fingers crossed! I had an interview last week but my background check didn’t come back yet and I just can’t wait weeks for a check to come back if there are other opportunities that I can jump on.

— Can you apply for assistance? WIC (WIC includes the baby you are pregnant with) and EBT to help with food? Does your Utility company’s have a low income program discount where you get a % off your bill? For example my electric company has a low and moderate income discount. Low is 30% off and moderate, which we surprisingly just qualify for (I just found out!) is 15% off, so it helps. Do you pay for cable? If so cut it.

— 2,300 went only water is included 400 for the car note 200 every month for car insurance 300 every 2 weeks grocery bill.. And keep in mind I pay two rents