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Brought up the idea to my husband about buying our son knee pads and he responded with “you want to buy him a helmet too? He’ll be fine ma. You’re exaggerating.” and now I’m annoyed. 🙄

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— Tell him to suck it lol knee pads are such a wonderful invention my daughter started crawling around 5 months and her knees where completely bruised since we have hardwood floors, buy them you won’t regret it

— Yeah, Im going to buy some anyway lol

— I like dads sarcasm. That’s my new friend.

— 🙃 He’s such a smart ass. It’s going to get him punched in the throat someday lol

— @erik_uhh, wait until your son says sarcastic stuff. My sons dad and I are very sarcastic people. My son gets it from the both of us.

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts, he can get punched in the throat too 😂 jk but I don’t doubt he’ll be sarcastic like him too 🙃

— I didn’t see the age of your son and I thought duhh he needs a helmet! Thinking you’re talking about riding a bike or something lol. Is the weather nice enough for some soft pants to help his knees? Can you have him play mainly in carpeted areas or get those colorful foam play mats?

— Oh no 😂 But he’ll definitely be wearing a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrapped in bubble wrap when he learns to ride a bike lol But we bought the play pads but they obviously don’t cover the whole living room and kitchen so he crawls off of them and our room is the only carpeted area but he has all his toys in the living room where there’s more space. We live in a small one bedroom apartment in California so it’s hot so we spend most of our time in the living room/kitchen area where the front door is open and we can catch a breeze 😅