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Dental work while pregnant ? Some say don’t get any while pregnant same say it’s safe. I normally need iv sedation for all dental work cause I have lock jaw. Anyone get dental work done while pregnant and also iv sedation? My teeth and wisdoms are bugging me 😖

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— When I was pregnant I had some work done but my OB had to approve it first.

— I don’t think you’d be approved for iv sedation. It’s fine to get most dental work done while pregnant but sedation will probably be out of the question. It’d have to be a pretty severe need (I mean the dental work itself) to outweigh the risks of the sedation.

— Dental hygiene is very important in Pregnancy. Your ob will need to refer you to a dentist that can work on pregnant individuals. Sadly I do not think they will be able administer IV sedatives.

— Thanks for the feedback ladies. I have an appointment with my OB next week and will talk to her about it then! Hope they’ll be able to do something this aching pain is unreal some days.