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I wanted to only stick with breast feeding but my nipples hurt so bad, because of how often she needs to eat. I think I'm gonna try formula too. What do you ladies think and what is the best formula?

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— Keep at it. It hurts for a while while your nipples get used to it. But it definitely gets better. Nothing wrong with formula though. Just remember that as you suppliment with formula your supply will likely dip and you’ll likely eventually need to fully formula feed.

— Get some nipple cream it really helps with the pain. And it doesn’t stay painful. There is nothing wrong with formula but it’s such a great bond to be able to breastfeed

— Are you using nipple cream? It helps. Some also swear by nipple shields.

— Nipple cream helps also make sure she’s patching properly and nipple shields will save your life. When I switched from breast to formula my daughter had reflux issues and constipation it took months to find one that worked for her

— Cream helps with sore nipples

— Can you speak with a lactation specialist to make sure your baby’s latch is okay? Because maybe that’s part of what’s causing the pain.

— I had to speak with a lactation specialist yesterday before they released us from the hospital. She is latching correctly, my nipples just aren't used to it yet and it hurts. I use a nipple cream they gave me at the hospital. What's the best brand to use?

— Put some breastmilk on your nipples after each feed and let them air dry. It really helps clearing up any tiny cuts etc