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How many words is your 18 month old saying?.

I know every kid is different my son didn’t say anything but “mama and dada” until he was 2 years old, but I am just curious how many of you have a 18 month old who is not really talking yet. DD only says, stop, mama, dada, hi.

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— My middle was full blown talking by that age and my youngest still isn’t saying much. It really just depends on the kid but at your next check up bring it up to your doctor if you have concern. It took mine awhile to give me a referral for a speech therapist and I wish I would of started earlier

— @michellemybell09 you can certainly call yourself. Sometimes people fall through the cracks. I would call and tell them that the doctor recommended it but you weren't sure if the referral went through, regardless you would like your child to be evaluated. It's different in every state but they should have her evaluated in a timely manner and then you can go from there.

— @massgirl, thank you! I will do that this up coming week.

— @michellemybell09 if for some reason she doesn't qualify look into private therapy through your insurance. Some are great others can be a pain and won't cover it without a diagnosis but it's worth a shot

— Mine says about the same amount she also says door and poop, she is starting to repeat more words but doesn’t say much on her own

— She might just be a late bloomer. Have you had her hearing tested? My own daughter wasn't talking consistently until she was closer to 2. If you're concerned have her evaluated by your local early intervention program

— We haven’t had her hearing tested, my son wasn’t talking until he was 2 either, her doctor said she wanted to refer her to be evaluated by the early intervention program.

— @michellemybell09 if she's only saying a few words I would be concerned like the doctor is. She should be saying more than that. Definitely have her evaluated.

— @massgirl, I definitely will, I also had my son evaluated at this age but he didn’t qualify for the program he wasn’t delayed enough.

— I don’t remember what my son was saying at that age but now he is six and talks like crazy with such an advanced vocab. My 17 month old says momma, dada, Elijah, Gma, mine, stop, dog, bye bye, thank you, no, yes, what, doo doo for shark doo doo, go, baby, she knows the sounds some animals make. I can’t remember everything but I think she is more advanced than her brother was at her age.

— My son says full sentences and is a smart ass but my daughter didn’t talk really at that age

— Well my DD is almost 13months but She says , nana , tata, mama, dad, Alex, what is that, what, yeah, wow. Woah. And oww ..

— My youngest isn’t saying much yet either. His dr said if he’s not saying at least 10 words by the age of 2, she’s gonna refer him to a speech specialist. He says, “mama” and “dada” a lot and sometimes says “baba”, “ya ya” and “hi”. I really think it’s due to him using a pacifier though. My 4 year old was talking a lot more by this age and he didn’t use a pacifier. I think because my youngest always has it in his mouth, it hinders him from talking. So I’ve been trying to not let him use it throughout the day and I’ve seen some improvement. Not sure if your daughter uses one, but that could be it. But of course, some kids move at a different pace, too.

— @emilymarie1357, at first I started cutting it out at nap time and hiding it during the day he was only allowed it at night, honestly one day we went out came back and the dog had chewed his last pacifier and I wasn’t going to go to town to get another one he cried alittle but it got easier every night he just kind of forgot about it, I also gave him a stuffed animal or blanket for comfort.

— @massgirl, I agree 100 percent, I learned the hard way with my son, my daughter hasn’t had one since 9 months so I know that’s not her problem 😕

— @emilymarie1357 we're in the process of cutting it out. First daytime, then nap time, then nighttime. I found that telling my LO what's happening is helping, I tell him that the binky is only for sleeping (or little babies) and he seems to understand sometimes. 🤞

— Language Skills Your child should be able to: Point to things or pictures when they are named Know the names of parents, siblings, body parts, and objects Say a sentence with two to four words Follow simple Instructions Repeat words overheard in a conversation Your 2-year-old will probably be putting longer sentences together (like, "Mommy, I want cookie" rather than just, "Cookie Mommy.") He'll also begin to use pronouns like "I" and "me" instead of his name. Not all children talk at the same rate so don't worry if a friend's child is talking more than yours. Boys also tend to starting talking later than girls.

— @michellemybell09, The youngest met and still needs all of his milestones except in speech. Don’t stress just bring it up to your dr

— @mommiesgoneabitmad, she’s being referred to be evaluated, so when I get an appointment for that I guess we will see what happens. I don’t feel super stressed about it, I feel like she will talk in time but part of me just felt like since she has an older brother she would be talking more by now.

— @michellemybell09, I totally understand. With my second she started talking so quick for that reason and then with my third I wasn’t concerned for a while because the doctor said some siblings don’t talk as fast because they have older siblings to help them. At least your going in the right direction Whether she’ll need speech or not at least you’re taking the steps to figure it out

— Your daughter still has time to reach those goals though so don’t stress

— My 17 month old says momma, dada, wow, uh oh, pop tart, more, thanks, hi, bye, please, up, dog, meow, ruff. He says more but cant think of anymore right now, but my almost 3 year old didn't say momma or dada tell 16 months old, and his speech just started picking up. He is in speech twice a week.

— Lily’s 20 months and doesn’t really say a lot and doesn’t say things with intention . Each she’s trying to say a little more and more each day but it’s still a lot of pointing . Than there also some words she says and then won’t say them for a few days lol

— My youngest is 18 months too, she’ll be 19 months very soon and she’s not talking much either. She says a few words but mainly points. I’m not concerned at all right now but it makes it 10 times worse when you have a sister that has a baby that’s the same age and the two babies get compared all of the time because hers is saying a little more than mine. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

— That’s the same here my nephew is only 2 months older and says a lot of words even putting two words together. I try not to compare but sometimes it’s hard

— My almost 14 month old says mama dog cat dada daisy more no hi bye bye

— My 18 month old only says no and what in English. He will rattle on full sentences in gibberish tho so I guess words are coming soon

— My daughter does the same thing she babbles on like she is telling a whole story but none of it makes sense lol