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I feel like his feelings are changing .... 😞

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— Why do you feel that way?

— @michellemybell09, they talked for a couple of days they didn’t date but they had feelings for each other . I told him I give up with trying to stop them being friends ... but idk

— @alyssa20, if they had feelings for one another then how can he think of her as a sister? Did you feel the conversation was innocent or not appropriate? I mean I wouldn’t like my DH/SO talking to someone he use to have feelings with and reminiscing about their past. If you didn’t like it he should respect that.

— @michellemybell09, I don’t like it but he says he can have a social life . I trust him and he hasn’t given me a reason not to . I felt the conversation was disrespectful to me Bc you shouldn’t even think about your past with somebody else but he says he didn’t ask me to marry him for no reason . He says it won’t happen again and I talked to her and she said there was no feelings and he started the conversation but idk . I guess I have to trust him until I have proof that he’s done something

— Listen to your gut.