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Kali screams bloody murder in the car seat idk what else to do

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— Put headphones on 👌🏼

— You're joking right?

— Ummm you gotta be joking . Why would I put headphones on with TWO INFANTS . Facing backwards . ?

— Are you 100% sure the straps are correct and not too tight? As long as they pass the lunch test they’re good. You can try playing lullaby’s or white noise in the car or you could try switching to a convertible seat early, but I guess it might be difficult with twins

— @mommytok, like there are 4 slots on her car seat and I have it at the very top slot Bc of her height .

— @alyssa20, oh okay, I get what you’re saying. I think that might be too high for her at only four months, unless she has an insanely tall torso. Totally not trying to call you out, just want to help 😊 There’s a ton I didn’t know about car seat safety when I first had my daughter that I wish someone told me! Can I message you?

— @mommytok, sure and it’s fine you are just giving me advice

— It happens I just keep driving lmao what can you do as long as they are not too tight and uncomfortable give him some toys or snacks or a blanket he will get use to it and grow out of it.

— I’m very adhd so it’s very distracting to me . I try to block it out and listen to music .