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Anyone saw the joker in theaters it was so sad :(

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— No not yet. Shhhhh lol

— @verguinia ok I a huge joke fan huggggeeee

— @ayyy-taytay same here lol my heart belongs to barely Quinn though I fell in love with her crazy ass reading the comics as a kid

— @ayyy-taytay I hope you enjoy it!!!!

— I so want to!

— You should !

— I saw it last night! No spoilers from me but Joaquin Phoenix gave an outstanding performance in my opinion.

— Let's message each other and talk about it !!!!

— I love me some Joaquin Phoenix!! Can't wait to see it!!

— Hope you see it

— I want too but can’t. I have pretty severe coulrophobia and my husband said by the looks of it he’s pretty done up most of the movie.

— What's coulrophobia?

— @verguinia, fear of clowns.

— @spookylyn this movie has a lot of clowns in it :( sorry maybe you should not watch it then ,:(