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I have a friend who recently lost her baby in a domestic violence incident( literally like 4 days ago) . I feel so guilty just being around her we planned to have a joint baby shower and everything! I want to have a gender reveal party, but i dont know if it would be insensitive to ask her to come? But I also dont want her to feel left out if she does want to come. ( she’s the type of person that will come to an event if you ask even if she doesn want too) What do you guys think? Would you want someone to invite you if you were in here situation?

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— I would talk to her first. Ask her if she wants to be invited to these events or not. And let her know you respect whatever she needs and you’re there for her.

— I’m so sorry for your friends lost; she sound like she’s an understanding friend just go to her sit her down an tell her the same thing you’re saying on here mention to her you don’t really know how to approach her about asking if she would like to come or just sit it out let her know you are supporting her rather if she agrees not to come or go there’s none that will change y’all friendship no matter what an that you wanna be here for her me an my friend is also pregnant at the same time an she’s having twins so I can quite see where you coming from with this because my friend has dealt with so many miscarriages an I been here for her through this pregnancy making sure she stays healthy through out it all stay strong for your friend an just speak with her about it if she wanna continue seeing you happy she will understand the situation 💛

— Ohhh my, I am so sorry for your friend 🙏 I would just talk to her first, & let her know you truly respect whatever decision she makes.