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How soon after a miscarriage did you girls start trying? We’re devastated, we wanted this baby more than anything and now we’re being told this is gonna result in a miscarriage. :(

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— I started trying 2 months after my miscarriage but I was 12 weeks when I miscarried. I would say you could start once you get a normal first period. I’m so sorry you are going thru this. No one deserves to feel this pain.

— 2 months but that's because I waited to see if I'd get my period as normal again . After 2 cycles we started trying again and was I pregnant the next month. I'm sorry you're going through this☹

— I remember your post from yesterday. Have they did a repeat hcg? I still believe there is hope.

— I thought so too but my hcg only went from 38 to 40 in 2 days :(

— @karenxtepoz, I’m sorry 😢. Did they retest you at the same place they originally did your blood draw? When I had to keep going back for a repeat they told me I had to use the same lab. They said it can affect the results because some labs have something different I can’t remember what it was. But I just know it can affect the results.

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts, no i went to a different hospital cause the first one I went to gave me iffy results. They told me to book an appointment to get tested again at my regular gynecologist (Wednesday night and two days from there which would be today) but then they told me to come in Monday and we have a huge wedding this weekend and I wanted to put my mind at ease sooner. With this hospital, they actually saw a yolk sac but the gestational sac itself is irregularly shaped without a fetus.