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I need to buy a bra ASAP... a good cheap one . I have no bras left , one is broken and ones ripping and the rest are no support. Smh also

I’m giving tonight a shot y’all 😏👅
So i need a good bra lmao

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— Nursing bras?

— @squishymommy1, r they good for big boobies? Lmao

— @itsamemario, I think so. My boobs aren’t small 😆

— @squishymommy1, I’ll look into it! Thanks!

— JC Penny has some nicer cheaper bras, otherwise I'd suggest Walmart for cheaper.

— I’m ganna go to jcpenny i hope tomorrow

— Vs is the only ones I like I need new ones bad mine are three yrs old and the elastic is shot 🤣 I only got two

— My two ones that i had were Victoria’s Secret but they mad expensive so i need Afew cheaper ones . So I’ll try out other places for now

— @itsamemario, ya I never get them unless it’s a sale that’s the only reason I got two lol but I have 0 tits so that don’t help 🤣

— @cheetahgurl420, lmao i wish i had smaller boobs ugh

— I always get mine at Walmart

— Nordstrom’s! They might have stuff on clearance or sale. Target has good stuff too.

— Thanks!

— I’d just wear one of his t-shirts and a high waisted thong 👅👅

— @itsamemario, yesss

— @itsamemario, stay focused girl you still need bras! 😂

— @sincerepolicy, hahahaha thanks for snapping me back into it

— Also maybe TJ Maxx or Marshall's?

— He’s not gonna care what bra you have on lol

— I’ll care

— Go braless lol

— @supermomof4, gatta find me one of those lmao

— @itsamemario, and jump his bones ... or at least one 🤣🤣

— @supermomof4, haha OH HELLO

— Lolll I can have anything on, and my husband will come to touch and grab on me. like when I’m washing dishes lol I’m like stoppp I’m cleaning 🤣🤣 but I low key like it 😭😭

— Same but since I’m super over weight and feel crappy about the way i look i like feeling pretty too !

— Hahaaa

— Aerie is super affordable and they always have sales going on.

— Burlington or Target

— Pink has a 2 for 49$ it’s a good deal & great bras!

— Gatta remember my size ! I’ll look online