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Flu Shot 💉

How many of ya’ll get the flu shot during pregnancy? My obgyn asked if I wanted it and recommended getting it but i’m unsure if I want to get to it. I don’t think I did with my last pregnancy.

Why or why didn’t you get it? Looking for opinions.

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— I get it because I get sick easy so I just like to make sure

— I’m honestly really up in the air about it. I believe that flu shots make you sick regardless. I haven’t gotten one since I was a little kid.

— @sun.flower, me and my kids always get it I mean it up to you whatever shots you get or don’t get I just don’t want to take a chance I never get it with the shots so I make sure we get it

— Yes I did I was due in dec i dont need to get sick and pass it to my baby and I dont wanna get sick while pregnant

— I am dud in Feb ( flu/sick season ). I’m really up in the air about it.

— I always get the flu shot ! The flu is deadly ! People tend to forget that . Plus when you get the flu shot you are protecting your baby . I don’t understand why people don’t get it honestly

— I didnt take it and I didn't get sick. Last time I got the shot was 2010. I stopped getting sick since then. I won't be taking it this time either

— I plan on getting the flu shot and the whooping cough next month. I’m due at the end of December and I have two kids already and they get the flu shot and vaccines so I don’t need any of us sick especially with a new baby.

— I agree I feel the same way I’m due beginning of January

— Yes you should get it. I always get it. It also protects the baby outside of the womb.

— I didn't get it. I only got tdap so baby wouldn't have to get it

— I didnt get it and my kids dont get it either. Theyve never had the flu and the last time i got it i was like 13.

— I got it because my asthma was terrible during pregnancy and they wanted to make sure I had extra protection against any chest colds.

— Nope 🙅🏼‍♀️ not my kids either every time ppl get shots there sick

— @hpgame, just in general when my youngest gets shots he ends up sick.. but I know the flu shot gives you some to try and. Fight off but if u can’t your just sick 😷

— @bunsinmyoven it be a lil bit of the virus in it though

— @cheetahgurl420 ohhh ok ok cool i was thinking if i should give my kids the flu shot this yesr or not

— 🙋🏽‍♀️ always. Not worth the risk to NOT get it. You can’t get sick from it bc it’s not live

— I just got mine yesterday at 10 weeks. My arm hurts but death by the flu sounded worse so...that answered that for me

— None of us have got it. I haven't gotten flu shot since I was a little kid.