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What size is everyone one year old in. Clothes

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— 18-24m x

— My little girls still In 6-9 months still so tiny

— 12-18 depending on where it's from otherwise we need 18-24 x

— 12-18months or 18-24 months xx

— 12-18 months/1.5-2 yrs xx

— 18-24 x

— 6-9m shes 1 next week x

— 12-18 x

— But the trousers need to have drawstrings to keep them up lol x

— 18-24 x

— Aaliyah in 12-18

— Nicole is in 12-18

— kiara is in 12 to 18 bbe but her top half fits and the legs are baggy looks like flippers wen she in baby grows hahha xx