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I dyed my hair lighter using a blonde hair dye and now my hair is brassy.... will purple shampoo fix this? I didn’t bleach my hair 😭

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— Yeah a few washes with purple shampoo will work if it isn’t still the color desired try a toner from Sally’s they should be able To point you to the one you need

— Thanks girl.. I should’ve just let my hair be lol

— @monavidaaxo, I feel that!! after 9 years of dying mine I chopped off all the dead stuff!😅 more than 6 inches off my head

— @lovelymomma.000, girl! I did just that when I got pregnant with my daughter and then a couple months ago I went short again lol I’m waiting for my long hair to come back.

— Girl I'm the same right now...I searched online says to use a Wella toner from Sally's

— @monavidaaxo omg yes I need to try it

— @roses702, this is what it looks like ... like tf 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s more brassy in person

— @monavidaaxo I have a matrix purple shampoo that helped mine a lil bit it was that same color

— Haha she’s pulling your hair 😂 love it. Yeah girl I see the brassy part of your hair. When did you dye it?

— i don’t think purple shampoo will help with the color your hair is. you’d probably have to bleach it. :/

— I’m trying the toner the girl at Sally’s told me to use 😭 I’m bummed because I’ve never bleached my hair always down lighter hair dye to achieve the light hair color I want.. I unfortunately got a different dye and it left me with brassy copper hair 😭 I just want to go back to my blonde and it was years ago , forgot which dye I used 🤦🏻‍♀️