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There’s gotta be something else I can do for my eye besides a hot compress. It hurts so bad, worse than before. I just wanna cry 😭

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— Have you tried a warm tea bag?

— Uhh yeah I did that twice already, they tell you like 4x a day. I’m going to do it a few more times before I go to bed and see if it goes down in the morning if not then I’m going to urgent care.

— @wildchildmama, 🙁 hope you get some relief soon!

— I read once that there’s something in a tea bag that can help it’s kind of like a hot compress but I think it might be the antioxidants

— @wildchildmama, I hope you feel better I got one once from using old makeup of a dirty brush they are the worse

— @alishap1212, last time I had the one I thought it was because old mascara so I threw it all away and bought new stuff. But I felt a head cold coming during the beginning of the week and then this showed up this morning. I felt it coming yesterday 🙄 they are just annoying and painful and I feel like when I go anywhere people just stare at it lol Thank you tho ❤️

— @wildchildmama, omg yes they are super painful they are worst !!! I hope it gets better for you

— Hot tea bag. I just had one the other day. I put a tea bag on it every couple hours and it was back to normal yesterday.

— Uhh yeah I already did that twice today. It hurts so much than before. And it’s like right by my eye lashes on the inside. I didn’t know you could get these things more than once. This is a bitch lol

— What's wrong with your eye?

— I have a stye. I had one a while back and it went away but I guess not completely but I was getting sick with like a head cold so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

— Find “eye bright” tea

— @spookylyn, ohhhh even better! Thank you so much for the suggestion ☺️

— @spookylyn this? I’ll order it right now lol

— @wildchildmama, yup!

— Do you have a stye? I'm asking because i use an eye cream (medicine) called terramicina...and it works WONDERS

— Yes! It’s on the inside on my eyelid tho..