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After two hours of the ultra sound

After two hours of the ultra sound tech trying to get the best images and measurements, we found out it’s a boy!

Drop some A names below pleaseee!⬇️

Or unique names!

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— Oh yay! He finally cooperated for u guys! So exciting. My son is Andrew

— Yes! I’m not 100% sure if my ob doctor will accept the images that they were able to get because they weren’t exactly clear so I may or may not have to get another ultra sound done. Baby’s heart rate was at 117. Seems a little low to me?

— @sun.flower, that does seems low. Were they concerned? Don’t count your chicken lady what it be a girl hahaha!

— @ss3mom, I mean the ultra sound tech said it was normal but they can’t necessarily tell you if something is wrong or not...

— Adrian Alfred Alec Ace

— Alister

— Congratulations on your boy!💖✨

— Aaron Axel Ashton Archer Aiden

— Agaxys Ace Arc Calix Alix Andy Achilles Arcane Alter Alias Able Anchor Agriculture Apple Activewear Ancient Artichoke