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My bread is ready πŸ₯°

My bread is ready πŸ₯°

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β€” That looks yummy

β€” It is !

β€” @itsamemario, you can send some my way lol

β€” @supermomof4, I’ll send one over !

β€” You gonna share?

β€” Depends - are u bringing wine

β€” @itsamemario, I'll give you all the wine you want cause I don't drink. πŸ˜‚

β€” @scream.queen, lmao yas girl

β€” Yum!

β€” I want a loaf

β€” Yummy!!! I want one lol ship it right over

β€” I got you

β€” I have a bottle of unopened wine and need a girls night. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜“

β€” 😍 that looks amazing! Teach me!

β€” Girl - google it ! My husband talked me through it he’s the baker lmao

β€” @itsamemario, you did a really good job!! What a great teacher. I tried my hand at pizza and semi failed ( I didn’t let the dough rise enough) but you have given me courage to try again! Lol

β€” @liveforyou.hope., practice makes perfect ! Keep trying !

β€” I will be over in 3hrs 🀣

β€” Challah? Sorry if I spelled it wrong

β€” Yes !