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I went to get my bp checked today .. The first time it was 138/89 second time it was 138/86 so she said that she’s pretty sure I’m gonna have to have weekly visits and if they had to take the baby because of complications I would get a steroid shot.. Also I might have to go to a high risk dr for him to tell me when they are taking the baby so please just keep us in ur prayers we have a little bit of a journey to get through

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— I'm pregnant and I'm on lebatelol for blood pressure, its safe for pregnancy. Maybe your Dr will let you try it

— I see the dr again Tuesday .. They said right now my bp is safe even tho the top number is higher than they like so idk

— @chasityhope1 At my last appointment my top number was high too, it's usually my bottom one that gets high! I'll be thinking of you!