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I put Isabella down to do tummy time and she finally rolled over!! I wished I recorded it but it happened so fast 😭 😭

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— It's literally the best. For like 2 weeks I sat for hours on the floor waiting to get her rolling for the first time on camera and I got it. Did you sob. I sobbed 😂😭

— Almost, I was mostly upset because I didn't capture it on camera 😭 but yes I was so happy. Especially since she's three months and should have been doing that a long time ago 😩

— @sharkbait. Every baby is so different!!! She's right on track with her own development and that's such an exciting milestone!! My little one decided to be what they call an early roller and did it the day after she turned two months old. I was like stop you're going too quick. I wanted to push her back over 😂😂

— @madhatter awee 😊 I'd be the same 😭 it definitely is an exciting milestone, I just live watching them all happen. I feel like she was just born yesterday 😩