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The verdict is in;

I am NOT pregnant. ❤

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— You got your period? OR you tested too early

— @xwitchywomenx if it doesnt show up in a few days, id test again. And if still negative, i would call an ob. Anything can throw it off, thats the most annoying part

— @mommy-xl yeah. When I was pregnant with Mason, I didnt get a BFP until I was 3 weeks late. I remember calling my doctor at week late one and they told me; if I dont get my period by the end of the month or a BFP to call them and they would have me come in. But I wasn't really tracking ovulation then. If it doesnt start by next friday, I'll test again.

— @xwitchywomenx good luck. Yea, my first pregnancy i didnt realize i was really late untill i went in thinking i had the flu. Turns out, my period was 2 months late and the flu was pregnancy. Lol

— Mine said this ... cat's it is!!

— Aw man

— 😭

— Damn, where’s your period then?!

— Idk, maybe it's just late. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I mean it's never on time, but its usually early.