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She was found not guilty - this

She was found not guilty - this girls gave birth to a healthy baby , killed the kid , burnt the kid and buried the baby in the backyard .

Do u agree with this verdict.

Cuz i don’t .

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— HOW did they find her not guilty?! I don't agree

— No she went as far as burning and burying the baby that’s double the reason alone to be guilty

— I heard that the baby was born stillborn? But she is being sentenced for abuse of a corpse or something along those lines.

— @justgotaname, the bones were charred. Which shows there was a fire set to the body. It’s abuse of a corpse it’s illegal this is insane

— @itsamemario, and that’s the only charge she was found guilty on was the abuse of a corpse.

— @justgotaname, that’s crazy honestly ...... there’s so much wrong with this

— I read that there was no evidence of her burning the baby and that baby was stillborn. I don't believe the stillborn part honestly. It's too perfect. She hid the pregnancy from everyone but her ob and then it's stillborn? Nah. She should be charged with killing that poor baby.

— It should be a murder charge.

— First degree too

— I just need 5 good seconds with her. This is ridiculous!

— The verdict can burn n die too same with her nasty self

— They couldn’t prove the baby was born alive. Also, we as a country and society failed this teenager and her baby. Safe and legal abortion, paired with easily accessible mental healthcare, could’ve prevented this from the beginning. Also after reading up on the topic, I believe her mother was emotionally abusive, knew she was pregnant, and very well could’ve encouraged her daughter to or murdered the infant.

— @itsamemario, I mean how do you not realize your teenage cheerleader with an eating disorder suddenly gaining weight and having a belly. The girl was mentally ill, and should’ve been on some form of birthcontrol to prevent that. She claimed she tried to cremate the baby only after police told her she burned the body. There was no sound evidence of that ever happening. Her story was the baby was stillborn, until she was told her baby wouldn’t be laid to rest until she told them what she did.

— @februarymomx2, clearly her mom is crazy just like she is , or delusional. Either way , it’s murder and i feel sorry for the child she could’ve been .

— @itsamemario, part of what gets me, is white women can murder babies, Casey Anthony admitted to drugging her toddler. And they walk. Had these women been WOC or men it would’ve been different. They would’ve found some solid evidence and made it so they’re proven guilty

— Nope. Next Casey Anthony. I knew she was going to get off. It's total BS.

— Yup I knew she’d be not guilty 🙄 pure bull.

— Real bull!

— That case still pisses me off !

— I read an article and listen... not to throw this “card” out there but her being a Caucasian, blonde & cute little cheerleader is unfortunately a subconscious factor in her being not guilty. Because how on Earth could a girl like that be a murderer 🙄 ? Of course they’d pull a mental issue or mental abuse or whatever. Her tears and her parents tears mean shit. Wrong is wrong.

— This 👏🏼

— Agreed.

— Exactly what I told my husband when he asked how she got away with it.

— I had a very close friend lose his baby to a rare genetic disorder that mimics shaken baby syndrome. He didn't put a hand on her and if it weren't for the woman who performed the autopsy would be serving a life sentence. And this bitch gets off. It's just so wild to me. She said she may have squeezed the baby too hard?

— I say let’s kill and burn and bury her

— This is so fucked up!!! 🤬!!! It reminds me of what happened here in our town a few years ago; a teen girls car broke down, she took it too a local shop, the mechanics said there was a horrible smell coming from the trunk, when they opened it. They found the remains of a baby in a box. 💔 I believe she was 17, she some how managed to hide her pregnancy from everyone, including her parents and the one who knocked her up, she didnt wanna taint her rep. So she killed her baby at birth. This being a very small backwoods town; the family and the charges and all that was kept highly secret, there isn't much we all know about what happened too her. But I think I heard she got away with it too.

— That’s crazy! Omg ! Poor baby 😩

— I absolutely don’t agree she should get a big fat guilty first degree murder! She knew what she was doing she didn’t wanna mess up her life

— Truth

— I don’t agree with this at all ... if you have sex you need to pay for the actions , and if you don’t want to be a parent that’s fine also . There are many people in the world who can’t have children and would be willing to adopt but burning a child alive is sickening. Clearly she doesn’t have a heart . I bet she would go to college and get pregnant and do the same thing

— Hell no smh this world is so strange and sick

— I don’t agree I had just posted about it She new she was pregnant yet didn’t tell her parents or anyone She had this child at home and then buried the baby in the yard ? I believe there’s definitely more to this than what they’re finding or believing

— That’s what I’m thinking too....

— She’s 20 yrs old ,,,I had my first son at age 16 and raised him &graduated hs early There are NO fuckin excuses to kill your innocent child “what a piece of shit I hope she never has kids !dont know what is wrong with this Judge he can overrule what the jury finds ,just rem She will pay for this when her life is over !

— No excuse to kill an innocent baby idc what condition anyone is in, anyone who can kill a child is messedup and should pay for it

— I’m so tired of seeing this piece of shits face.

— Same !