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He’s getting so big!!!! 😍 he’s

He’s getting so big!!!! 😍 he’s a little on the wobbly side when he sits up but he’s getting better about it. Loves being snuggled. Loves his big sister, he puts on a big ol grin anytime she stands next to him. He doesn’t know what to make of our cats yet and I think the feeling is mutual. He’s also in the “I’m going to chew on everything” stage and likes nomming on my fingers the most 😅

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— He is adorable!!! 😍😍😍 Getting so big!

— How is he so big already?!

— I knooow! I swear it’s just blinked by for me lol he’s a chunky boy as well at 11.5 lbs at his check up in July 😆

— He's so cute😭😍😭 I'm obsessed with that shark outfit

— Seriously one of the cutest babies 😍